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Jessops the camera retailing chain first appeared on the high street in 1935. The original shop was opened by Frank Jessop in Oxford Street Leicestershire. Over time a total of 187 branches were opened.
Sadly, in 2013 all branches were closed as the company went into administration resulting with a loss of nearly 1400 jobs.

The cause for the closures seems to be based on the general lack of interest in high street shopping and the continued increase in online shopping. Smart phones with high megapixel cameras and editing software and apps also deterred amateur photographers from investing in actual cameras.

However, recently with an investment from a group of entrepreneurs including Dragon Dens Peter Jones, Jessops is once again returning to the high street as Jessops Europe Limited. As of April 2016, 52 stores had reopened and branches are now opening in some of the larger Sainsbury’s Supermarkets.

Finally, in July 2016 Jessops reopened where it all began in Leicester. The decision was influenced by Leicester City Football Club winning the Premier League title with the company Chief Executive stating that it’s a ‘great time’ for Leicester after the club’s success.

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