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Planning Permission

Permitted Development (PD) and Prior Approval (PA)

If you are interested in Commercial Conversion and you would like to know more about the Planning Permission required and also about Permitted Development and Prior Approval we have expertise in this area and can advise you.

For those of you looking for help with your Gross Development Value (GDV) we have access to data that can take some of the risk out of development (although nothing is of course certain as there would not be a reward if it was).

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Permitted Development

We cannot go into specifics here as Permitted Development is a moving target with the Planning rules changing and evolving over time together with associated Case Law this also has to be in consideration of local conditions as well.

Prior Approval

We always say that this is printed in black and white and interpreted in grey although in theory it should be simple you have to know what you are doing and the best way to do it so those that are looking to use Prior Approval will ensure that they do not ruin the development by not getting expert advice.

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Is 150 sq metres really the limit?

Is 150 sq metres really the limit or are there interesting and clever ways to develop that means that this is just the start of what you can do?

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We offer a Building Survey of the property using Chartered Surveyors who understand the development potential. We do not only identify Planning and building costs that you are liable to encounter we can also help build you a Gross Development Value (GDV) and general costs scenario as well as carrying out 3D CAD drawings, which can be used both for Planning and for future sales.

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