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To solve problems in our world you must first train people to be problem solvers, and only then will our problems be solved. Poor or inadequate training is very similar to brain damage.


Time has a function, to ignore time is to die. There are things we do not want to know, but we need to know. It is better to know and be frustrated than to never know and always ask. “You can do everything right, but it still does not protect you from the ignorance of other peoples. Ignorance turns solving unnatural problems into a problem-maker.

The propagation of the seeds of knowledge like a flower spreading its seeds in the wind. Today’s schools seem to activate a computer, but never use it and never add anything to it.

The Educational Revolution is a Silent Revolution because it is a revolution of the mind. Improvements may be slow, but at least they are maintained.

An ignorant person causes more problems than being solved. This was from the beginning and throughout human history. Every war, every crime, every murder, every problem related to people is related to ignorance. When we solve the problem of ignorance, then we will solve every problem we know. Therefore, improving education is not careful, but trying to explain it to any idea is not in itself a problem. is to provide evidence and to stand as evidence of external behavior, attitude or qualities, which is revealed and manifested. Something that can be revealed in the mind or in the senses or in the judgment.

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Everything has a function, if it did not have it, it would not be here. Even ignorance has a function, ignorance makes us know that being stupid is not an option. Our task is to slow down the wear, not to increase it. Stealing time or borrowing time only leaves you with less time. So spending time to increase your decay is not a good use of time, in fact, it is a crazy use of time.

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You need to retrain your brain to repair the damage and get your brain functioning properly. Maybe not so much a revolution, but more an evolution that is a million times faster.

Cause of development and differentiation in ways that match its natural development. Prosperity is prosperity, well-being, good luck and successful social status. Prosperity often produces abundant wealth, including other factors that can be very rich on all scales, such as happiness and health. A simple life is better as long as everyone is educated. It is time for everyone to realize that we too can shine like the Sun.