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This article will try to compare the advantages and disadvantages of Linux vs Macintosh vs Windows for a regular computer user. I’m not an IT experienced but this will be primarily based my own thoughts and opinions as a PERSONAL COMPUTER enthusiast. My understanding of the OS may be limited but I do have experience of it. Here are a few things to be aware before determining which one to use:

These are extremely popular choices nowadays in this market; a few talk about some of the main dissimilarities. First we are going to look at the computer’s desktop environment. The two mac and windows can be found with linux vs windows vs mac a gui. Though all three are highly made use of, there are substantial differences between Linux Vs MAC compared to Windows with regards to the personal pc environment. Glass windows is vastly more dominant over the two others as 90% of private users like Windows to any other alternative.

So , in my view, Linux comes with the slight advantage when comparing effectiveness wise. On the other hand however , if you do not know much about glass windows, it would be safer to say that House windows is total the better choice if you are looking to use a “standard” computer that could function in most situations. Quite, for a computer system enthusiast, I’d suggest using a Linux OPERATING-SYSTEM since the efficiency is almost the same between the 2. I never have had a many experience with macintosh and it might turn out totally different to what would be the norm what I’m saying in this article but based on my own usage, I find the overall performance between the two operating systems to be very similar.