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guys Africa here I’m here with you with a video concerning the Nurse Corps scholarship I have had a request to do give some tips on it and it’s been a while but I said I was gonna get to it I finally have a little bit of downtown time so I’m gonna get into it so for those of you who do not know the Nurse Corps scholarship is a federal scholarship program that is funded by the United States Department of Health and specifically herself and so basically the scholarship provides money for nursing students at any level associate bachelor’s master’s or doctorate and they provide funding for your tuition for all full your full ride whether you go into two years four years or more it provides scholarship for you because to cover your tuition books fee uniforms and other things that are you know required of the other student and in addition to covering scholarship on tuition and other stuff they cover it they gave you provide you monthly stipend for your living expenses everyone gets the same of the asite unless you’re going to school part-time then there is a difference in there so um the stipulation for the scholarship is that once once you are complete you do have to do a service year or two or three or four depending on how many years you were awarded the scholarship so for instance if you when it’s good for one year it got rewarded for one year two year you’ll have two years of service may be rewarded for three you have three years of service and you have to work in an underserved population or critically sort of shortage area facility which is a lot of places in America so don’t let that scare you off it’s a little bit you do have to do research to find the right place to work for your you can still fit in the qualifications of your scholarship but it’s a great way if you do not have the funds to pay for school or you do not want to take out loans you can go through this program this scholarship to fungal education I will say that when you do complete and you do to your service year you still get your full salary as if you were a regular employee it’s just that it will count towards your service year you do not to pay them back for the scholarship um the scholarship usually opens around March the end of March last year it gotta bled into April but it opened um and then it was due like May 11 so it’s like about a month a little bit of month or two after the scholarship opens you will have to send me everything now your girl is a chronic procrastinator so I literally so I made in my application like five minutes before the deadline which was like it was like May 11 which was like a Tuesday or Thursday at like 6 p.m. I nearly submitted my application at 5:59 and 30 seconds don’t follow my example like literally I had the scholarship information a year prior and I couldn’t took in the time to prepare way in advance but I did not I’ll say for those of you who are looking at video you who are on the right track you want to know what it is you don’t want to know what is required what tips are sunny you’re prepared for it give yourself enough time I will say for now as you guys are in the waiting process I will check out the website I don’t have the site right I will find it and put it in the description box below if you check in the description box below I will put the information for how to look into the scholarship the website which gives you like a full guideline for the scholarship which is from like the previous year but honestly when I went to the website last year the guidelines were exactly this from my 2016 to 2017 so I expect it to be the same for 2018 the essay questions were exactly the same the requirements for exactly the same so that will definitely give you like a huge advantage if you go through that early on like right now and try to like make yourself some bullet list of things they require now let’s get into what they’re looking for well one you have to be a nursing student who is accepted or enrolled in a nursing program that is accredited and you have to be within good standing in your program I will say that they do care about academics but I don’t think you have to be like 4.0 top notch when I apply for the scholarship my previous degree is on the celebrated program my previous two green accumulated cumulative GPA was a three point one nine then I had gone to Community College to pretty to finish my prereqs for nursing and those prereqs all came out to a 4.04 nursing so I don’t know whether that was they were considered of that or not but that’s something that I know that my GP wasn’t like whoa the best cuz if you put everything together the GPA is like three point three something so it wasn’t like whoa I think what they really look for is to see that you have initiative and already providing care to those in underserved populations demographics whether you are volunteer at the hospital volunteer in homeless shelters doing service work if you put that in your application that will definitely set you apart from everyone else for me I had done a lot of community service I actually volunteer with organization called the National Association for the Prevention of starvation and I had taken a year off to do full-time work with that organization and I worked as an intern with the organization as well so those background and other volunteer background that I had it really put me I feel like it really showed my commitment to the mission of the Nurse Corps scholarship program that the mission is that you have a passion to work with the underserved population those who are in medically disadvantaged area and so having something in your background that shows that is really really potent to you getting the scholarship I believe because I look at it I don’t think my academics were like whoa but my service commitment they shine through and I had a lot of leadership positions in my previous academic stuff so I also show leadership my still commitment to service and so my great was descent and my nursing prerequisites were out of this world there are three questions in the scholarship program I believe one is like why do you want to be a nurse in the first place another is what experiences have you had with those in working under served population and the last one is how to hire you basically showing your commitment to in the future towards working in an underserved population I mean my goal was to is determiners practitioner and hopefully work at a clinic in an underserved population region I and not more so the rural person so I don’t see myself working in a rural setting but I do want to see myself working like an urban setting that is a very poor economic low-income urban setting and really want to like open up a clinic on theirs practitioner clinic and do work in those areas at one point in my life so definitely not rushing into it but yeah that was that’s my overall goal so I I highlighted that I highlighted my volunteer experiences I also highlighted my experiences in the hospital I my first think was in chaplaincy um if theology with emphasis in pastoral care and preached happen soon so I did like my internship in the hospital as a chaplain and I worked on the oncology unit so I did share that experience that I had so if you can pull from your experiences that should show that hey I have been working towards this goal some way or another and I have the capability of the only seeking this scholarship just to get money but actually really being embodied by the mission of the scholarship and that’s having a passion for working with underserved populations so yeah I would I feel like that right there is the greatest tip I can give you is highlighting your capability your past experience with working with underserved populations whether it’s the homeless what is the medical disadvantage low income neighborhoods if you highlight those I feel like I see your potential as someone who is because they really want to build nurses that do work in these areas like they don’t just want to give you money to finish school they want to they want to be able to fill those areas with nurses so if they see that you are ready prior to the scholarship have been motivated to work in those settings or with those populations they are more inclined to give you a scholarship to because then they know that hey this person is not just getting our money and leaving the same piece out they are actually you know they actually have the passion in our heart for this community so that is my greatest tip if you have if you have not done any community service and get on me right now and I’m not saying do this just for the scholarship but I’m like I’m saying have the passion to work with people who are medically disadvantaged that is a huge demographic in the medical field and don’t be afraid that there is no place for you there is like there is a shortage in a lot of areas not just rural areas but urban areas as well and so I would advise you to collect those experiences go over to the website I will link it below they has the whole guideline for the scholarship make sure that you start writing your essays go to someone let them review it make sure your essay embodies the mission of hersa look at the videos of past members and see what their mission is and really try to align what you say in those essays with their mission so that they can actually see it you are serious about this another thing I would say is go ahead start esa right now so you have enough time to review and to modify go ahead and get your the people that you want references form you have to give two references one profession one like academic and one like personal such professional so I will start like you know making contact with people you have a volunteer with if you have done volunteer services with a dub of a certain organization try to contact those directors they write you a letter of recommendation those will be sent out a lot and I get a professor that you actually have a relationship with I can show your potential to be not only a great practitioner and as a practitioner just as in a health care worker but also your who knows your passion to you know really help people and to be there for people and to work with these populations so let the people know early on so that they have a mindset what I did was also I give a personal resume of all the activities I have done and my personal statement to every one of my own to both of my recommend recommenders so that they had a clear vision of what I have done in the past who what my goal is so that they can reflect that within their that a recommendation as well so that is very important so those are those who are really the two important things to your recommendation letter in your essays the application the portal the application online itself is not probably that deep is it is really basic you have to also be on top of getting your school verification form filled out so there’s if it fills out early on and yes making sure you are in good standing with your program or if you accepted that you are accepted you know I was accepted conditionally pending passing one of my career eggs that I didn’t know I had to take but even with those stipulations I still got the scholarship and I’ll say that when you do apply it takes forever for them to respond back you know we threw it in May I did not know I have a scholarship until August and a lot of there’s um if you go into all nurses comm there’s probably going to be a group on there for a nurse golf scholarship and you’ll probably see a little also posting like hey I got credit background check and hey that means I possibly have the scholarship I have a credit background check as well so I felt positive that hey maybe I got it but I’ve never always an indicative sign in even if I when I got the notification that I was a finalist I was like dang well final is about I don’t know if I really got the scholarship but when I did you finally get it it was like the end of August so it takes a while I would say have your background plan um in place but just pray on it that you get it yeah I hope this video has been like helpful and if there are still questions that you have concerning the scholarship let me know like I said my previous video you want to really educate yourself the whole scope of the scholarship they have like different conference call when the scholarship does open up they had different conference call to give you more information about it make sure you attend oh so you are well-informed especially when it comes to the tax issues surrounding a scholarship but they’ll let it be a deterrent on you there are a lot of people who have gone through this that find employment that pay really great and they’re able to serve through their service year so definitely make connections and follow up and I’ll let you know as my progress goal like how taxes work for me and how finding a job for me it’s something I’m actually in the process of you know doing as we’re done with our nursing program in May and we have about nine months to find a job for why we’re doing this program I mean the scholarship in about nine months you can defer for good reasons but you have about nine months post graduation to find employment so I’m trying to look for my employer in like possible job sightings right now which is important to keep in mind like if your plans for scholarship if you do not want to if you do not want to move make sure that you have places in your area that are qualified I think like their score has to be above 14 or 17 musho between 14 17 above there the hospital has like difference like have a harsher score so yes that um yes like I said if there’s any more questions let me know in the comments below I will definitely make another video if I need to or just give you a comment if it’s something that’s very specific alright thank you for watching and I hope this is very informative and I’ll check you guys out in the next video this is