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So the OEM and the ability to share common software as we move forward, should allow us to get more and more efficient. You saw us make the improvements this quarter as we talked about last quarter on the efficiencies and we saw the margins improve, those will continue as we move forward in this space. So we think it’s a profitable business, a good business, a growing business and one that we can share more and more as we become smarter. I was just going to answer the second part of the question, which was around International and how does strategically it makes sense. I mean, first, the OEMs are roughly the same as you go from international to domestic North America. So our relationships, our ability to integrate data to integrate the whole sales process within.

And currently the software model is different in International, but that doesn’t — the dealer model will always be different. But we believe there is a lot of synergy things like Fortellis, we’re already looking at how do we model Fortellis out into the International space as an example. HP 4650 driver And then you move into the other side that we’re doing the work around the technology itself. When we start to modernize this thing right now or it’s not API driven, it’s all direct connections, it’s not micro services. So every time you try and go fix something you have to find everywhere the connection is.

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And oftentimes the things that should actually be outside of the database are in the database and got to figure that out and things break. And so we believe that as we modernize that which has about two more years of work left, you get a large efficiency in our ability to sustain the products. Not only sustain them, but also improve what we’re delivering. So, we can actually get additional opportunities to upsell into the next levels of product.

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And what we’ve been really focused on is a couple of things over the last couple of quarters and that is; one, yes, we have a Drive Flex. Right now targeted more to the smaller dealer group. But when we really took a look at it, we said, gosh, these same features and these same efforts really need to go into the full suite of drive. And what we may want to do is bring some of that core down into Flex. So what you’re going to see, if I project out three or four years as you’re going to see one, let’s call it Flex architecture. Could have a common UI, it’s going to have a common set of modern methodologies of the database and how the software is written with micro services and structure at all. And you’re going to have like a Flex super like that goes into dependence.

That’s been one of our good growing pieces of software during the last two quarters. So we are continuing to grow in that digital space, but they want this flexibility to be able to move along that continuum of the purchase.

  • None of your other tips seemed to help the Windows Experience Index score, but I’m sure that in real world applications the user would notice a difference in responsiveness.
  • My BIOS supports pre-allocating up to 1Gb of graphics memory, but it made no difference on the score.
  • Interestingly enough, Intel’s latest graphics driver LOWERED the desktop graphics score by 0.1.

Those two things will drive additional EBITDA growth from those objects. And then maybe — I don’t know if this is better for Brian or Joe. On the international side, remind us what the rationale of that business is inside CDK as a broader entity, because I know you got rid of digital marketing. And I just wanted to make sure as I’m looking at the portfolio inside the company, it all sort of works together or it doesn’t work together, how we should think about that? And we believe prevent any degradation of our various price points.