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If you’ve never played a fighting game before, you have no idea what you’re missing out on. Fighting games allow players to test their skill, strategy, knowledge, and play styles in a fast-paced environment not unlike real life professional fighting.

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The Indie game that has taken the fighting game community by storm. It makes sense that a smaller scale game would be a good start for a beginner, a smaller roster of characters and less overwhelming mechanics make for a great start to the newer player. However, at the top of the pyramid is still a large community that has been learning the combinations of the different characters for years. Tekken now has a large roster of 49 characters to contend with. If players want to compete you will have to know a good chunk of those characters’ moves.

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  • There’s slow motion and special moves called Rage Arts — which is similar to special moves in other fighting games — where each character has a super powerful move with a cool animation attached to it.
  • The Tekken video game franchise is easily recognizable by most gamers, but the esports scene had been quieter with smaller prize pools compared to Street Fighter and Super Smash Bros.
  • From game to game, it might not change as much as some other fighting games, but the way you play the game remains unchanged.
  • This game series I’ve been playing and loving for 20 years, people are finally realizing how great it is and how fun it can be in the pro scene.
  • Fighting games require fast reactions, and knowledge of the characters pros, cons, and combos.
  • Even noobs can kill people in FPS’s by throwing a grenade or getting a lucky headshot.

It has next to no transferable skills with any other genre, creating a huge learning curve with most games that players have to endure at first. Which is why it’s so important to have games to ease the process of learning a whole new skill set.

Here are some games windows movie maker for windows 10 you can count on to ease the blow, and some that cater to the journeyman fighter among us. Instead of controlling your character in eight directions, you have 352. Moreover, you can change your character’s movement in the air.

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Defense is the name of the game and with all the various fighting styles available, Tekken pushes the difficulty level up significantly. Despite becoming a huge genre, it’s also one of the most intimidating for new players.