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3 Essential Tips for Writing an Argumentative Essay

Argumentative Essay Topics

Why should we argue at all if there were not some thoughts on the subject? As you study and review the background of your topic, you are likely to encounter arguments that directly contradict your position. When submitting resources this way, be sure to keep notes to help you choose evidence as you read…

Thanks so much for this very helpful article on argument essays. Very informative work, thank you for the simplicity and accuracy.


Highlight, underline, check exam boxes. do everything you need to do to start identifying the material that you find most useful or relevant. These highlights and checkpoints can simply be turned into your quotes, paraphrases, or test summaries in your completed exam essay. Evidence can come from any reputable and reliable external source that supports your position on your topic…

After reading the article, I can formulate a good thesis. You will usually have three or more reasons why the reader should accept your position. The most appealing essays are those that have sound logic, they capture the emotions of readers and talk about their character or morals.. .

The transitions should complement the idea from the previous section and represent the idea to be followed in the next section. How to write an explanatory essay An explanatory essay explains the topic. This is usually a short essay that provides clear and reliable information on the topic…

In some cases, evidence may be presented in the form of photographs, video recordings or audio recordings. In other cases, you can extract reasons, facts or statistics from articles in the media, public policy, or science books or journals. I know very well what should be written in an essay, but I find it difficult to plan my thoughts and write ideas for a topic. English is my second language and I can hardly write an essay and create arguments. I find your advice, but there is very little time for tomorrow’s quiz. I will do my best to focus on your advice and see if I can overcome this level for my future learning.

A conclusion that not only repeats the thesis, but redirects it in the light of the evidence presented. Passages are the mortar that holds the foundation of the essay. Without the logical development of thought, the reader will not be able to understand the arguments of the essay, and the structure will collapse..